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Thank you to everyone who signed the "Ban the blue light brigades petition" that we ran from 9 to 30 November. In 21 days, we managed to get 46,646 signatures and this has been one of the fastest and greatest supported petitions in South African history!


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JOHANNESBURG – It was with surprise that JPSA and the Automobile Association of South Africa read an article which appeared in the Beeld Newspaper of Tuesday 1 February 2012 entitled “Dok op of gaan na hof” (cough up or go to court), referring to the service of AARTO infringement notices sent by ordinary mail by the JMPD.  We have subsequently obtained the additional letters referred to in this article and they have reference.

This release has a large amount of information attached to it and has been published here.


On 15 April 2011, the Minister of Transport published for comment a draft replacement of the AARTO Regulations.

JPSA has submitted its comments to the Director General of the Department of Transport on these draft Regulations, which contain some good and many bad changes.

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  1. Fines starting with 02-4024 sent out from June 2010 are unlawful!
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Blow the Whistle

News Flashes.

Please note that the news reports stating that AARTO was to be fast-tracked to 31 January 2011 were not correct, according to the Department of Transport. For more details click here.

Meanwhile, it has been stated that the "AARTO Action Group" has suspended its court action against the implementation of the AARTO Act. For more details, click here.

Transport Minister, Sibosiso Ndebele has stated in parliament that the points-demerit system will come into force on 1 April 2011 and no further announcements have been made.

Complaints are once again coming in about AARTO PDF forms on the "official AARTO website" which when downloaded come up and say:

Expired Forms

The expired form then simply shuts down and you are left only with the option to download the "complete manually" forms which do not expire.

As a public service to frustrated members of the public who have no choice but to fall at the mercy of the RTMC's inefficiencies, JPSA has placed forms that do not expire on this website. Click here to go to our forms.

This site is run by Justice Project South Africa in the interests of educating the public about the real effects that AARTO will have on them. It is NOT the "official AARTO website" which is run by the RTMC. JPSA is in no way associated with any of the participating authorities in the AARTO Process and receives NO FUNDING from them.Banned!

This site will give you the unglamorised and un-sensationalised truth about AARTO and will hopefully educate you sufficiently to understand what your rights and obligations are under it.

Please do not contact us if you want to know whether you have outstanding fines. We have recently discovered that payCity, another Syntell website, "from the guys who brought you payfine.co.za" is now processing payments for a wide range of municipalities, but more specifically for the JMPD and TMPD who are the only two municipalities currently involved in the AARTO process.

Previously only JMPD's fines could be paid online, but now it seems that the RTMC has awarded Syntell with this privilege without so much as bothering to go to tender.

The "official AARTO Website" still says that the facility will be available soon, and refers the JMPD's prey to payfine.co.za which now seems to be all but completely defunct since it no longer carries photographs - especially for newer camera infringement notices.


Just so that there can be no confusion, any forms that are made available on this site are made available as a service to alleged offenders who cannot use the forms provided by the RTMC due to checksums that are contained in their forms which prevent certain infringement notice numbers from being entered.

The JMPD have recently been assigned new infringement notice number arrays which are not supported in the forms provided by the RTMC. We ask for a donation of R50 if you want to use these forms but do not demand it.


Acting CEO of the RTMC, Collins Letsoalo says “people are trying to take advantage” of the confusion around the new system. This statement is 100% correct of many sites that you will find on the internet, but it is not true about this site or any of the contents available on it.

As stated at the very top of this page, if you are looking for the "official AARTO website" then you are more than welcome to go to www.aartosa.co.za, but we do suspect that you will return to this site when you discover just how helpful that site is.


JPSA has been accused of being a "self-appointed watchdog" by Mr Collins Letsoalo and his supporters. At first we took offence to this statement, however after a little reflection we came to realise that ignorance is bliss.

We may have had only a little support when we first started tackling unfair and inequitable issues, but we now have significant public support - probably because JPSA is the only organisation that has had the guts to tackle the issues at hand without "pussyfooting" around them and being politically correct.

Just because we have not been granted the power to act in an autocratic, dictatorial fashion like some does not mean that we do not have a role to play. Dictators have been the downfall of many nations and we simply will not allow new ones to get away with throwing their weight around in South Africa, unchallenged.

InfoHave you received an AARTO 03 infringement notice starting with 02-4024 from the JMPD since April 2010? Many of these are completely unlawful due to them being served via standard surface mail.

Click here to check if yours meets the criteria.

Triple fine values and unlawfully served AARTO 03 notices from the JMPD.

Since the end of the "pilot phase" of AARTO shockingly high monetary penalty amounts on fines issued to juristic persons (companies and the like) have been going out from the JMPD. Despite being the only other Metro to be implementing AARTO, Tshwane (Pretoria) apparently has not followed suit, leaving this firmly in Johannesburg's hands.

But then to add to this, AARTO notices which MUST be served via registered post have also been going out via standard surface mail. This is completely contrary to the Act and invalidates all notices that have gone out like this.


The RTMC has commissioned a survey by Magna FS on the public awareness of AARTO. Please take a little time and complete their survey and let them know exactly what you think or know about AARTO. You can do it anonymously or name yourself. It is up to you.

Even though the email sent out by Magna FS claims that AARTO stands for Automatic (not Administrative as is the case) Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences, the survey is worthwhile taking.

JPSA urges you to please take a few minutes to do so. You can just close the window that their site ends up on when you finish to return to this site.

Click here to start their survey.

InfoHave you received an AARTO fine starting with 02-4099 recently and not been able to make head or tail of it?
There is a very good reason for this.

Click here for clarification on notices starting with 02-4099.

Raging BattleThe fate of AARTO is in the balance because of fine income budgets.

Recent news reports citing legal actions instituted by the RTMC and the JMPD against one another has flung the entire AARTO process into an even bigger state of disarray.

Click here to read what is going on.

infoAccording to the Department of Transport, she points demerit system comes into effect from
sometime in the 2011 governmental financial year AND NOT BEFORE!

This has recently been changed by the Department of Transport/RTMC and the previous date announced was 1 April 2011.

Ignore the rubbish emails and forum postings that say otherwise! All they are doing is giving corrupt cops the chance to solicit bribes from you and/or sell stupid "Fine Toolkits" for authors who seen to think they have all of the answers. They are not based in fact and this is highly irresponsible behaviour amounting to nothing more than spam and scare-monger tactics.

JPSA strongly condemns this kind of behaviour.

The most important thing to note is that the points demerit system cannot be applied in just two jurisdictions like AARTO has been otherwise implemented. AARTO must be rolled out to the entire country before the points-demerit system comes into force.

Anyone who has a South African driving licence and has not heard about AARTO could not have been paying much attention of late.

But then again, the custodians of AARTO, the RTMC have been very slow in educating the public about it, so one can be forgiven.

Most people however have heard about the points-demerit system which is going to come into force shortly in South Africa.

You need to prepare yourself for what is coming and what is currently in force because the only person you are hurting if you do not is you.

This site will help you familiarise yourself with some of the more important aspects of AARTO. The services we supply will help you navigate through the AARTO minefield.

Remember: It is very easy to turn around and say "I am a law abiding motorist", however a traffic law in South Africa involves way more than " keep left, pass right".

When you become aware of the multitude of offences that you can commit under AARTO and to the National Road Traffic Act , you will soon come to realise that your knowledge with respect to the law is extremely limited.

This does not necessarily make you a bad driver, but it does leave you open to prosecution under this Act - and present you with the very real danger of having your driving licence suspended - or worse, withdrawn.

This site will give you the unglamorised and un-sensationalised truth about AARTO and will hopefully educate you sufficiently to understand what your rights and obligations are under it.

The RTMC's AARTO website can be found at www.aartosa.co.za if you have any queries that you would like to address with them. Please do not contact us to query if you have fines, if they have been marked as paid, etc. We can only assist you with specific queries as per our services page.


The AARTO facts website is run by JPSA to disseminate information on AARTO and provide assistance to motorists in dealing with their infringement notices.

Detailed information and premium services are available to subsrcibers as is fine inspection, consulting and help with representations - at discounted rates to those charged to non-subscribers.

See the advantages to subscribing here.


The implementation of AARTO does not mean that you have no rights any more.

It is a little known fact that traffic law has for a long time now been legislated and implimented in an extremely unfair and in many cases unconstitutional manner.

It is only by understanding your rights under AARTO and the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa that you will be in a position to protect yourself...


AARTO is an acronym for the "Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences". Quite a mouthful, isn't it?

Fines for less serious traffic offences are migrated from criminal offences to civil proceedings. Think that's good news? Think again!

Demerit points are earned on your driving licence and when you exceed 12 your license is suspended for 3 months. Three suspensions and your driving licence is revoked.

Ignore your fines and you could lose your posessions and your driving licence.

Decade of Action for Road Safety