AARTO Charge Codes.

There are currently 2064 charges in the AARTO charge book in use in South Africa. Not all of these apply to the class of vehicle that you may be driving and some apply only to pedestrians.

Below is a list of all AARTO charge codes and their descriptions. Subscribers are able to search for a specific charge code or infringement description as part of our subscription offerings.

InfoWe are well aware of the fact that the JMPD is tripling fine amounts to juristic persons (companies) ahead of regulation the points demerit system coming into froce from 1 April 2011. Received an AARTO 03 infringement notice from the JMPD since April 2010? You owe it to yourself to click here?

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WarningDue to the slight ambiguity of the "few random fines that do commonly occur which most people are unaware of" statement from the AA that appeared in the motoring section on IOL on 2 November 2011, JPSA wishes to add some clarity to this issue. We are doing so to ensure that over-zealous traffic cops don't take the not so accurate provisions to task and run off fining people incorrectly and so that you know what the truth of the matter is - so you and your hard-earned cash don't become strangers unnecessarily.

  • "If you run out of petrol and your vehicle gets stuck in a position where it obstructs traffic, you can be fined R500". There is no provision in the AARTO charge book for this. There is however a fine of R1000 for charge code 5039 -"Stopped a vehicle where the stopping constituted a danger or an obstruction to other traffic or was likely to constitute a danger or obstruction to other traffic." This charge is unlikely to stick though as the SABS specifications for motor vehicles do not even require a fuel guage to be fitted.
  • "If you do not have an emergency triangle in your boot, you can be fined up to R500". This is true if your motor car was first registered on or after 1 July 2006. Older motor cars do not have to have one, but it is a good idea to have one. It needs to be in your car, not necessarily in the boot. Charge code 2863 applies to motor cars.
  • "Having a design/sticker within 150mm of your license plate if it’s not a component of the vehicle may incur you a fine of up to R1000." Charge code 1217 applies "Vehicle whereon appeared within 150 mm of the licence number anything which was not a component part of the standard equipment or construction of that vehicle" and the fine is R250.
  • "If you fail to give immediate right of way to an emergency vehicle, you can be fined R500". Yes people! This is true! Charge code 5073 applies and says "As the driver of a vehicle failed to give immediate and absolute right of way to a vehicle sounding a device or bell in terms of section 58(3) or 60 of the National Road Traffic Act (Act 93 of 1996)". Remember that you should always give immediate right of way to emergency vehicles when their sirens and lights are in operation. This includes "unmarked" vehicles - and especially those highly dangerous "VIP - blue-light gangs", as those guys like shooting at people who don't get out of their way!
  • The other infringements contained in that article are correct.
Charge Code Description I/O Fine (R) Points
1000 Failed to comply with instruction, direction given by a traffic officer, or obstructed, hindered or interfered with the exercise of a power or performance of a duty - Sect. 3(j)  I 500 1
1001 Failed to comply with a signal from a traffic officer  - Sect. 3(j) I 250
1002 Failed to license a vehicle with the appropriate registering authority  - Sect. 4(2)  I 500 1
1003 Failed to register a vehicle with the appropriate registering authority  - Sect. 4(2)  I 500 1
1200 Operated a specially classified vehicle contrary to the condition of its classification  - Reg. 21(4) I 500 1
1201 Personalised licence number holder, with cancellation, failed to submit the personalised licence plates and documentation concerned  - Reg. 28A(2)­(3) I 500 1
1202 Vehicle displaying a licence number on a number plate which did not comply with SANS 1116 specifications  - Reg. 35(1)  I 500 1
1203 Operated a vehicle with a number plate that did not bear a self destructive certification mark  - Reg. 35(2)(a) I 500 1
1204 Vehicle with a number plate which did not have a yellow or white retro­reflective surface  - Reg. 35(2)(b)  I 500 1
1205 Vehicle with a number plate that did not have letters and figures of the correct colours or not only black letters and figures on a yellow retro­reflective surface  - Reg. 35(2)(c) I 500 1
1206 Vehicle with a number plate with a logo or landscape not on a white retro­reflective surface  - Reg. 35(2)(d) I 500 1
1207 Vehicle with a number plate not clearly legible or visible  - Reg. 35(2)(e) I 500 1
1208 Vehicle with a number plate on which the letters/ figures were not arranged as prescribed.  - Reg. 35(3) I 500 1
1209 Number plate on the rear with letters and figures of 60 mm whilst 75 mm. would have fitted the illuminated space, or a number plate which was not the size of the illuminated space provided  - Reg. 35(4) I 500 1
1210 Only affixed one number plate to a motor vehicle, except a motor cycle & trailer  - Reg. 35(5) I 500 1
1211 Failed to affix both number plates of a vehicle thereto  - Reg. 35(5) O 0 6
1212 Displayed a licence number, or anything purporting to be a licence number, not applicable to the vehicle  - Reg. 35(6)(a) O 0 6
1213 Vehicle with a licence number which was in any way obscured or had become illegible  - Reg. 35(6)(b)  I 250 0
1214 Vehicle with licence numbers which were in any way obscured or had become illegible  - Reg. 35(6)(b) O 0 6
1215 Vehicle with a design appearing on a number plate or number plate holder  - Reg. 35(6)(c)(i) I 250 0
NB: If the fine value is 0 and the I/O reads "O" then this is a criminal offence and no fine has been set for this offence. It requires a court appearance. Typically sentences and fines set by a magistrates for these offences will also carry a criminal record if you are found, plead or admit to being guilty of this offence. Magistrates may also sentence offenders to a jail term, correctional supervision etc.
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