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Please note that JPSA is not AARTO and is not an issuing or adjudicating agency. Also note that AARTO is an Act, not an entity.

Fact!The contact details provided on the website at are invalid and misleading.

Despite what it says on AARTO infringement notices and the website, the call centre operated by the RTMC fails to answer its phones or emails sent to them. Due to this, we will refer you directly to the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) whose contact details appear below:

Waterfall Edge B PO Box 6341
Howick Close Halfway House
Waterfall Office Park 1685
Bekker Street  

Tel: 087 285 0500  Fax: 011 256 1011
Website: or*

Fact!The RTIA is in fact the only agency mandated to deal with the adjudication of road traffic infringements in compliance with the AARTO Act. The RTMC is an issuing authority and nothing else. It is therefore puzzling why they would misrepresent themsleves as having any more authority than they have been provided by law by posting the following at the "official AARTO website":


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