Following the letter from the Applicant’s attorneys to the opposing Respondents’ various attorneys, several dates were proposed for a meeting with the Deputy Judge President of the Pretoria High Court. Without exception, several meeting dates in August and September were rejected by the attorneys for the RTIA and the Registrar of the RTIA and eventually, the Applicant’s attorneys had to bring an end to the stalling tactics being employed and set the meeting date for 11 September 2018.

On 11 September 2018, a meeting between the Applicant’s legal representatives and the opposing Respondents’ legal representatives finally took place at the office of the Deputy Judge President of the Pretoria High Court, whereat the following directives were issued:

  • The Respondents who oppose the application are to deliver their respective answering affidavits by no later than Wednesday, 5 December 2018;
  • The Applicant is to indicate by no later than Thursday, 31 January 2019, to the aforesaid Respondents and the Honourable Deputy Judge President:-
    • by when the Applicant’s replying affidavit(s) to the aforesaid answering affidavits will be delivered;
    • by when the Applicant’s heads of argument will be delivered; and
    • what the estimated probable duration of the hearing of the application will be.
Letter to the DJP

The Applicant now awaits the answering affidavits of the following Respondents:

  1. The First Respondent (Minister of Transport);
  2. The Third Respondent (Road Traffic Infringement Agency);
  3. The Fourth Respondent (Registrar of the Road Traffic Infringement Agency);
  4. The Fifth Respondent (Road Traffic Management Corporation);
  5. The Sixth Respondent (the CEO of the Road Traffic Management Corporation);
  6. The Seventh Respondent (Shareholders Committee of the Road Traffic Management Corporation);
  7. The Eighth Respondent (City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality);
  8. The Ninth Respondent (Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department);
  9. The Tenth Respondent (City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality);
  10. The Eleventh Respondent (Tshwane Metropolitan Police Department);
  11. The Fourteenth Respondent (National Commissioner of Police); and
  12. The Fifteenth Respondent (Minister of Police).