On 5 December 2018 (the day on which all of the opposing Respondents’ answering affidavits were due), the Applicant’s attorneys of record received a letter from Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Incorporated via email, which was addressed to the Honourable Deputy Judge President of the Pretoria High Court, Mr Justice Ledwaba with the Applicant and all of the opposing Respondents in copy.

In this letter, Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Incorporated confirmed the directive of the Honourable Deputy Judge President of the Pretoria High Court which was issued on 11 September 2018 but stated that its clients had “endeavoured to meet the deadline imposed by the directive appear to have underestimated the length of time required to finalise the answering affidavits in light of the length of the founding papers, the number of annexures, and the complex legal issues raised therein”.

Accordingly, they asked of the Honourable Deputy Judge President that an extension to 31 January 2019 be extended to their clients. Unlike was the case with the State Attorney and Madhlopa & Thenga Incorporated, Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Incorporated acknowledged that this indulgence would impact on the consequential dates and duties imposed on the Applicant. As a consequence, Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Incorporated, proposed that the Applicant be directed to furnish such information by 15 March 2019.

Cheadle Thompson & Haysom Incorporated represents the Road Traffic Infringement Agency and the Registrar of the Road Traffic Infringement Agency.

The Applicant’s attorneys of record (Louis and Associates Attorneys) replied to all, correcting the wording of paragraphs 2.1, 6.1 and 6.2 be amended as follows:

  • Paragraph 2.1 should refer to the answering affidavits and not heads of argument;
  • Paragraph 6.1 should refer to affidavits, not affidavit;
  • Paragraph 6.2 should provide that the applicant’s estimation be submitted to the Honourable Deputy Judge President and the relevant Respondents.
Cheadle Thompson Haysom 181205 Letter to DJP