AARTO Explained

Making a Representation

One of the options open to an alleged infringer is to make a written representation.

This must be done using an AARTO 08 form, available from the aarto.gov.za website. If you do not use the prescribed form, the RTIA will simply ignore your written representation.

Use this form only if you wish to make representations in respect of the infringement or the service of the infringement notice. Do not use it if you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged infringement and want to nominate the driver.

Once you have completed the AARTO 08 form, you will need to print it and sign it before a commissioner of oaths. You may submit it online at the aarto.gov.za website, or by scanning it and emailing it to the RTIA, or posting it by “registered mail” (a registered letter to you and me).

Submitting it online the best option because it immediately registers the infringement on eNaTIS as being under representation. This halts further AARTO processes from occurring, while the representation is under consideration.

However, be warned! Despite the AARTO Act providing that the RTIA must inform you of the outcome of your representation, in practice, it doesn’t bother. This is apparently because the RTIA believes that the law only applies to other people, not to it.

Furthermore, the RTIA is entitled to charge R200 for an unsuccessful representation.

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