AARTO Explained

Nominating the Driver

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An option open to the owner of a vehicle who is sent an infringement after the fact (over 90% of infringement notices issued), is to nominate the driver if he, she or a juristic entity’s proxy was not the driver at the time of the alleged infringement .

NOTE: Nominating the driver can only be done within the first 32 days from the service or presumed service of an AARTO 03 infringement notice.

To nominate the driver, you will need to download and complete the AARTO 07 driver nomination form from the aarto.gov.za website. You will also need the full particulars of the driver, together with a copy of his or her driving licence.

Once completed and signed before a commissioner of oaths, the form may be scanned and submitted online at the aarto.gov.za website together with a copy of the nominated driver’s driving licence. This option is highly recommended because it immediately alters the status of the infringement to “driver nomination” and halts all the other AARTO processes.

Alternatively, it may be posted by “registered mail” or emailed to the RTIA, together with a copy of the nominated driver’s driving licence.

The issuing authority is supposed to inform you  if/when the nomination is successful. In reality however, this does not happen, so you will have to check  the aarto.gov.za website regularly.

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